How LyticsLab Works

LyticsLab brings data visualization to users of all levels in our simple to use business intelligence platform. Simply connect your data and turn it into insight with just a few easy steps.

1. Connect Your Data

Securely connect to your local data sources and have all the data you need in a single place. Combine data across multiple data sources and start looking at your data in ways you never have before.

* We are busily working to build new data connectors. Join LyticsLab as a beta user now and let us know what data connectors you want to see first.
2. Create Dynamic Visualizations

We make turning numbers and text into something more meaningful easy and simple. With our report builder, creating powerful and customized charts are just a few mouse clicks away. Aggregate, filter and segment your data any way you want to view trends, compare key metrics and discover new insight.

3. Design Personalized Dashboards

LyticsLab makes it easy to see everything you want, all in a single screen. Simply piece together the reports you need into a single dashboard to get the most complete story of your analysis. So no matter what metrics matter to you, you'll have it ready to go.

4. Share and Collaborate

Always stay connected with your team. Share your reports and dashboards with team members to collaborate or publish view-only dashboards for executives or clients. Add commentary to dashboards and communicate effectively and efficiently across your entire team so that everyone is always on the same page.

Administrative Controls and Security

Administrative controls put the user in complete control of who sees what data, ensuring that data is only available when intended. Our permission system allows users to fully control the accessibility levels of dashboards, reports and data sources within teams.

LyticsLab is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your data. LyticsLab utilizes SSL encryption to ensure your data is secure when transmitting it across the internet. LyticsLab will never access your data without explicit permission to do so as part of a technical support or consulting engagement.

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