Plans & Pricing

LyticsLab offers simple and flexible plans tailored to your needs. Our free plan will get you started with deploying dashboards. As your needs grow, upgrade your plan and create a data driven culture within your organization.

$0 / MONTH
Single User
10 MB of Space
10 Reports
3 Dashboard
Connect to Text Files
$0 / MONTH*
* Try Premium for free during beta.
One User
500 MB of Space
25 Reports
10 Dashboards
Connect to Text Files
Team Sharing & Collaboration
Email Support
Ready for a company-wide implementation?
Contact us for Enterprise level pricing.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Basic and Premium plans?
The Basic plan provides you with a free account that has everything you need to get started with deploying dashboards. With the Premium plan, you will have additional space for more data, the ability to create additional reports and dashboards, team sharing and collaboration functionality and email support. Accounts can add multiple Premium plans for additional users and features.

How do I set up an account for multiple users?
To set up an account for multiple users, simply add additional Premium plans. The number of Premium plans on an account will reflect the number of users for the account. Having multiple Premium accounts will also increase the limit of space, reports and dashboards as well as enable team sharing and collaborating functionality.

What are the team sharing and collaboration features?
For multi-user accounts, users can share reports and dashboards with team members to create and publish dashboards together. Team members can add commentary to dashboards to effectively communicate among one another. Our permission system allows users to fully control the accessibility levels of dashboards, reports and data sources within teams, ensuring that data is only available when intended.

What is the Enterprise plan?
The Enterprise plan offers a personalized feature set and unique pricing for company-wide implementations. The Enterprise level plan requires at least ten users.

How much will the Premium plan costs when the beta ends?
Pricing for our Premium plan will be announced in the near future. Beta participants will receive exclusive offers at launch to ensure the best available pricing.

Once I have signed up for a Premium account, how often will I be billed?
Our Premium plan is a monthly subscription. You will be charged monthly and can cancel at any time.
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